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David wanted to expand his business skills and interests beyond the high technology sector to the broader business world which has always been tied to real estate for thousands of years.  He combines his high tech leadership with his business insights to create a long term income portfolio. 

  1. US Navy
  2. Microsoft
  3. Google
  4. Oracle

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My story

David holds a B.S. in Computer Information Systems as well as an MBA in Management Information Systems and is a longtime advocate of security application and technology stemming back to his military service when David first started his work in encryption, protection and analysis of data with his five years’ active duty with the aviation electronic warfare community of the United States Navy. After picking up the first edition of Applied Cryptography from the Naval Exchange in Naples Italy on his first deployment return, his career focus became clear. After his military service, he spent two years as a Project Manager and Senior Architect with the Microsoft Solution Provider/Partner community to refresh his civilian skills and latest technologies in the enterprise environment.

The bulk of David’s engineering career began we he joined Microsoft in 1998 where he made significant technical and architectural contributions to Microsoft products ranging from Windows 2000 all the way through the Windows 8.1/Windows Server 2012 R2 cycles to advancing the enterprise firewall product line in the Microsoft Israel Development Center as the Product Unit Manager of the Forefront Threat Management Gateway product team.  His past two years have been heavily focused on leading a multi-discipline engineering team encompassing cloud-based security analytics, detection, infrastructure security, tooling, forensics, anti-fraud and the Microsoft Security Response Center.

From there, David joined and led the growth and innovative build out of the public Cloud Security Engineering organization at Google for almost three years as a Director in the Google Security and Privacy organization. Given the demand and needs in the SaaS applications and services marketplace, David then accepted the challenge in this space to lead the Oracle SaaS Cloud Security engineering and operations organization as a Senior Vice President where is currently.

In his free time, David is a a long distance runner, active reader and loves world travelling as he maintains a public blog on their adventures as he roams the globe constantly at